With the “eco” movement, there’s been a renewed interest in all things green: reusable, all-natural, organic, [chemical-x]-free. But what does it all mean? In a world where information is readily available, it’s just as easily twisted and misaligned. How can we get to the truth of the matter? What’s a girl with a doubt and a concience to do?


And that is what will live here: All the things I learn, read, think and do in an effort to get back to the basics on my own terms, guided by my own doubting ways. Topics will range from general health to immunology, even some ways to include essential oils in your makeup bag. All this while balancing my usual sceptical ways.

Join me, won’t you, as we delve into the well-charted and yet hideously misrepresented world of naturopathics. I promise you, this is a “no birkenstocks and broomstick skirt” zone.

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